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15 Park Avenue is a 2006 Indian Bollywood drama, social film released on Jan 06, 2006. The film is directed by Aparna Sen, produced by Bipin Kumar Vohra , music composed by Jyotishka Dasgupta.
This is the story of impact of schizophrenia on a woman who is actually living in Kolkata. The story starts with Anjali being the elder girl of the family and then she is a powerful professor and a great personality. She is actually heading her family and also the career of her sister named as Meethi. Anjali is always jealous of her younger and smart looking daughter who has got a handsome guy named as Jojo. Now years after, these two sisters are for the holiday and they are living with the imaginary life. Jijo meets them again with his wife and his kids and later he finds out that Meethi is not even recognizing him. Check out this page for more updates on 15 Park Avenue.

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