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2001 is a 1998 Indian Bollywood suspense thriller film released on 1998. The film is directed by Raj Sippy. Anil Sharma was a Police Officer, yet did not dare to risk his life. He was a family man. He had beautiful young wife and a pair of cute kids to love and care. Life was peaceful in this garden city of Bangalore. Life was worth living. . Untill, one day, when Bedi entered in his life. A rough tough criminal type,scaring a girl out of her wits. Anil arrested him, only to discover that Bedi was also a Police officer assigned as his future partner in his fight agaist crime. . With Bedi came Bomb Blasting, rattling Carbines, shattering helicopters and corpses every where. The garden city had become a garbage city. Anil was frustrated. There was death waiting for them at every door step. . Who was killing who ? Was it Amirchand the builder from Bombay ? Was it Rao the Builder from Bangalore ? Or was it Bedi himself the killer in disuise of law ? Or was the killer the corrupt minister ? And then why was all fingures pointing at the Commissioner of Police? Was the costodian of law himself the ultimate criminal ? . There was questions but no answers. . Anil wanted peace... He had a lovely young wife and a pair of cute kids in this garden city of Bangalore... And Bedi the dancing devil at death had turned Anils life into hell, one big hell. Check out this page for more updates on 2001.

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