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4pm on the Court is a 2013 Indian Bollywood sports film released on 2013. The film is directed by Shine Krishna, music composed by Saji Kadampattil.

The movie ‘4 pm on the court’ is totally based upon a game which binds people together and connect to each other. The movie is about playing basketball on the court hence is the movie name so. Many a times, a coming together and a meeting ground for an assembly of individuals rise above into to some degree much superior. The space of a particular place they share becomes a mutual cause and so their lives get tangled with one another. And here is where the most attention-grabbing stories are born taking place in everyone’s lives. There is this every late afternoon a mixed bag of basketball lovers who come across each other on a Mumbai medical university basketball court to sweat their favorite game basketball. Their common and similar affection for the game connects them to that basketball court at a not the same point of while in each of their lives and a bond is generated. The as the movie name says it all, those basketball lovers kept saying this every day that “See you at 4pm On the Court.”

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