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Aadmi Sadak Ka is a 1977 Indian Bollywood family drama, social film released on Jan 01, 1977. The film is directed by Devendra Goel, produced by Devendra Goel , music composed by Ravi.

The Nath family consists of Retired Commissioner Upendra, his wife, Savitri; elder son, Madan, who is married to Maya, and they have a son, Ashoo; a second son - Surendra, who is married to Kamla, and they have a daughter, Pinky; a third unmarried college-going son, Chander; and a school-going daughter, Namrata. Their's is a happy family, and everyone rejoices when Chander completes his M.A.. There is more to rejoice when Chander introduces them to the woman he loves, Vandana, the only daughter of wealthy Mr. Tandon. The marriage is arranged with great pomp and ceremony, attended by the family friend, Abdul, who home-delivers groceries. Before the marriage could be solemnized, Upendra gets news that he has lost his Court case, and passes away. The wedding is canceled, and the lives of the entire Nath family changes thereafter, with Kamla and Maya taking over the household, reducing Savitri to the status of an unwanted guest...

The two earning sons of Upperndra, a retired police comissioner, change their spot on their fathers death and spurred by their wives, start treating their widowed mother and spinsister as menials. The younger son Chander with the help of his friend Abdul - a goodly soul, ultimately brings his brothers to their knees and makes them realise their mistakes. Check out this page for more updates on Aadmi Sadak Ka.

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