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Aakhri Khat is a 1966 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1966. The film is directed by Chetan Anand, produced by Chetan Anand under banner named Himalaya Films.

The film starts at Kulu where Govind Bali first meet Ladjo. Both fell in love & got married secretly in a temple. Ladjo becomes pregnant & her step-mother comes to know this. She sells her to a man for Rs. 500 where she is beaten & thrown out . She goes to Govind in Bombay & Govind is planning to go to America & he refuse to believe that the child is his and the whole story of Ladjo. Ladjo writes a letter, that she wont see him again. Govind relocates to Bombay where he starts his own business & makes a sculptor of Ladjo. Ladjoo writes a letter that she gaved the birth to Bantu her son. And both if them are in Bombay . Ladjo is seriously ill & may not live long. As Govind realises his mistake he goes to the Police, meets Inspector & few days. Later he is asked to identify the lifeless body found on the Sea coast which is Ladjo's body. Then the search begin for Bantu, who is only 15 month old and no one know what he looks like & even, whether he is still alive or dead. In short, the story is about a child and how he survives in such a big city.

First movie of Super Star Rajesh Khanna made on 1966 it seems a precursor to it. Super Star Rajesh khanna a medical student loves a girl of a village.he comes to city and has to leave for his education.the girl meanwhile gets pregnant and gives birth to a little boy.carrying her 1 year son she comes to mumbai to meet rajesh khanna.he refuses to accept its his child.the girl steals away from the house,she is sick and wants to leave her son with a letter to Super Star Rajesh khanna.but later rules against it and carries her son to sea coast.there she collapses and dies leaving her son alone. Super Star Rjesh Khanna realizes his mistake and take help of police to find his wife and son.he breaks down when he find his wife's body.his resolve to search for his son gets more strong in which he is helped by his female friend.the whole story follows the child how he survives in such a big city.how he drinks milk from the milk bottles left on people's doorsteps by the milk man. the camera follows him everywhere.climax is really moving.

Filmfare Awards -1969 : Best Cinematography (Black And White) for Kamal Bose

BFJA Awards (1968) : Special Award for Bunty.


There are romantic leading men and there are romantic leading men, but very few have taken cinematic love to legendary heights. While there might be other icons but Super-Star- Actor Rajesh Khanna after four decades, he is the ultimate true romantic legend.

A social-realist melodrama about a man (Khanna in his debut) who secretly marries a gypsy girl from the hills (Mukherjee). They have a son (Bunty) but misunderstandings arise and the wife ens up living on the streets of Bombay with the child. She dies, leaving the boy wandering the citys streets, having his own little adventures while his distraught father searches for him. With its extensive acutality footage of Bombays slums, suburban trains and working-class life, the film evokes, e.g., K.A. Abbass urban melodramas (Munna, 1954; Shaher Aur Sapna, 1963). The film deploys a simple set ofoppositions to signal good and bad; jazzy music and discotheques signify the callous and modern rich whiel the poor display their human warmth through acts kidness to the child. Although the soundtrackadheres to the realist principle of using the pilot dialogue track for all speech expect that of the hero and heroine, it occasionally inserts suspense music to plug the narrative gaps in the plot. [Source: Encl] Check out this page for more updates on Aakhri Khat.

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  • manoharv2001


    Aakhri Khat 1966 - Classic movie of Super Star Rajesh Khanna

    manoharv2001, 8 years ago
    AAKHRI KHAT - 1966 :Govind (Rajesh Khanna) is a young sculptor, while vacationing near Kullu, sees Lajjo (Indrani Mukherjee) and falls in love. Subsequently, they get married secretly in a village temple. He then has to leave for the city to pursue further education. Meanwhile, the girl finds that she is pregnant. On finding this her step mother sells her off for Rs. 500, where she is beaten, some time later she gives birth to a little boy, Buntu. Later Lajjo comes to Mumbai to meet Govind, carrying her one-year-old son. She leaves a letter for him at his doorsteps, and want to leaves the child as well, is unable to go through it, and takes him along. They keep wandering, and feed off whatever comes their way, soon she dies leaving her son alone.The rest of the film is a story of the little child, wandering around the city. He goes out of the house, eating whatever he finds, including a pill, which makes him doze off. On waking up, he wanders even more and more into the city. Meanwhile, Govind, comes know all through a letter she has left behind, Aakhri Khat (Last Letter), he soon realizes his mistake and with the help of police tries to find his wife and son, though only finds his wife's body. Later, he shows the Police inspector Naik, (Manvendra Chitnis), the statue of Lajjo he has kept in his studio.The child is then rescued by a man who is a staff member of an orphanage nearby. He escapes from that place at night. And after a long time of wandering here and there, and after the help of some people, he ultimately reaches home to find a statue of his lost mother, and a new lady, who is now his new mother.
  • devenpatel


    Super Star Rajesh Khanna's Aakhri Khat - 1966

    devenpatel, 9 years ago
    This is one of best movie of all time.

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