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Aangan Ki Kali is a 1979 Indian Bollywood drama film released on Jan 01, 1979. The film is directed by Harsh Kohli, produced by Harsh Kohli , music composed by Bappi Lahiri.
A daughter is a "Laxmi" and if born in a house brings prosperity is the belief of Amols ailing mother. She desires to see a grand daughter in the house. . But Sunita Amols wife is suffering from incompetancy of Aortic Valve and her pregnancy is prevented by her uncle Dr. Manoj as this would be fatal for Sunita. Amol, his mother and Sunita are unware of this disease. . The mother expires and Sunita is eager to fullfil her mother-in-laws cherished desire. When Amol learns about Sunitas disease he takes up a job in Bombay, the closest place where Sunita could be medically attended. In Bombay, while Amol is busy earning money for Sunitas operation, she developes a liking for Bhavna, a little girl from the nearby orphanage. . The day Sunita comes to know about her disease, this causes her great anxiety as the operation the only cure for her disease has very little chances of survival and without an operation Sunita would live only for 6-7 years more. Sunita takes an oath to fulfill her mother-in-laws desire. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aangan Ki Kali.

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