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Aashique Mastane is a 1996 Indian Bollywood comedy film released on 1996. The film is directed by Ajay Kashyap. Aashique Mastane is a story of two friends- Mohan and Sohan (Abhishek Kapoor and Harish Kumar). Mohan is a son of a rich businessman, Seth Hari Prasad (Raza Murad). . Being the only son, Mohan is having the whole World in his lap but still he is not happy with his life which is full of hinderances and interventions. . Sohan is a poor guy having no proper house to live in, no money to feed himself, no kith and kin who would care for him. Yet he is happy and leads his life the way he wants to. There is nobody to be answered. . To keep Mohan away from the company of bad boys, his father plans to send him to his friend retried Major Prem Singh Ahluwalia (Prem Chopra residing in Manali with his only daughter Malti (Ayesha Jhulka). Prem Singh takes up the job to reform Mohan. But Mohan is too clever to be trapped. He instigates Sohan to go to Prems house as Mohan and enjoy the taste of a luxurious life which he always dreams of and let him lead a free, unchecked life where there is nobody to question him. . Sohan agrees and reaches palace like house poor of Major Prem Singh where he meets Malti who becomes his heart-throb afterwards. Mohan rather poor Mohan starts sharing a but with Achanak (Tiku Tulsania) and falls in love with Kajol (Monica Bedi) whom Sunny (Mohnish Behl) wants to get married with.... [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aashique Mastane.

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