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Aatish is a 1979 Indian Bollywood drama film released on Feb 23, 1979. The film is directed by Ambrish Sanghal, produced by Mohan Kumar.

Mr. Rai is a wealthy businessman in Jammu, India, and lives in a palatial house with his wife, Shobha, a wheelchair-bound daughter, Ashu, a grown son, Rakesh, and a school-going son, Raju. His son despises him and is waiting him for to die, so that he can inherit all the wealth and spend it on dancing girls, alcohol, and gamblers. One day while Rai was returning from the Jammu & Kashmir Bank with a suitcase full of cash, he is attacked by bandits, but is rescued by a young man named Anand. Anand is injured in this attack and is nursed by Shobha and the rest of the Rai family. Rai himself trusts Anand and initially appoints him as a Chief Supervisor, very much to the chagrin of Rakesh, who attempts, in vain, to implicate Anand in the theft of 2 Lakh Rupees. Anand uses fisticuffs to convince a hoodlum named Girdhari to let go of Rai's property. These incidents provoke Rai to ask Rakesh to leave the house...

From times immemorial, the relationship and bonds based on human grounds have always surpassed the blood relationship. This is because this relationship is mostly built on the solid foundation of Love, Devotion, Selfless sacrifice and faith. This noble relationship is like a beacon-light, flames which cannot be extinguished by all the ignoble dark forces of the world. Nature has enriched human life with the noble forces of love and faith without which one is doomed to loneliness which is natures biggest curse and punishment. . Sorrow and happiness, tear and smile, love and hatred, faith and betrayal are like the various colours and shades which nature uses for making the great divine painting which is the world. Such thus are the ingredients which embellish the basic plot of "Aatish" where incidents unfold themselves with the utter naturalness and with the force of formidable torrent. "Aatish is a story protraying the ultimate triumph of goodness over evil and light over darkness. It is story of powerful encounter between faith and betrayal. . "Aatish" is replete with clash of human aims and emotions. It is a tender tale full of poignant sentiments of love, faith and sacrifice interwoven with powerful and heart-rending drama, breezy comic situations and breath-taking visuals. It is embellished with powerful and memorable performances by the leading artists and is interspersed with hauntingly melidious and spell-binding Music which is bound to take one and all embodies high voltage drama with poweful action-packed sequences, breezy entertainment and melidious Music. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Aatish.

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