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Aatish is a 1994 Indian Bollywood drama, action film released on Jun 17, 1994. The film is directed by Sanjay Gupta, produced by G. P. Sippy , music composed by Nadeem-Shravan.

Baba and Avinash are bros who stay in a shanty house with their widowed mom, who makes an existing as a housemaid. When a stalker tries to rape their mom, Baba rides him to death, and the three people along with an orphan named Nawab, take shelter with an underworld crook named Uncle. Baba would like Avinash to study and be a better person, and in order to do this he makes his career in crime. When Avinash completes his education and wants to engage himself in the police academy, Baba helps him financially by accepting his first contract killing. Avinash does finish his training at the police academy and soon is a police inspector. One of his first assignments is to be busted and arrest Baba and Nawab ­ much to his amazement, as he had never tried his very own bro of having any criminal background. Avinash must now agree to proceed on with approaching Baba and Nawab, or moves away from the police force.

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