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Aayiram Poi is a 1969 Indian Tamil costume drama film released on Jan 05, 1969. The film is directed by V Srinivasan, music composed by V Kumar. The title of the movie Aayiram Poi (ஆயிரம் பொய்) means A 1000 lie in Tamil. An old Tamil saying goes like "Its alright to tell a 1000 lies to make a marriage work" and this movie closely follows that old adage. Chinnadurai intensely dislikes his Brother-in-law, Kanakasabai owing to an insult in the past. So Chinnadurai stands in the way of a marriage arrangement for his daughter, Malathi (Vanisri)and Kanagasabai's son Ravi (Jaishankar). The film deals with how Ravi's resourcefulness helps him in getting Malathi's hand in marriage Check out this page for more updates on Aayiram Poi.

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