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Abala is a 1989 Indian Bollywood film released on 1989. There is no doubt that even today when india is heading towards 21st Century, the Dev Dasi coustom still prevails in many states of our country. . This story is about the wounds of the Devdasi keeping aside the desire and happiness just for the sake of blind belief and coustom. Ultimat- ely they in the prostioution. . Our story revolves Around Devdasi and her two daughters inheritence of the coustoms of the same society. Killing herself every day by the people who visit her as the very society does not care of the evils that they cause to emotions and sentiments of the women who suffer by torturing the evil customs follower of the same. . The very same society wants to make younger sister Devdasi but she does not accept, she fights the evil customs, followers with her lover that making of `Devdasi is illegal. Check out this page for more updates on Abala.

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