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Abdulla is a 1960 Indian Bollywood film released on 1960. Abdulla is the story of the life and achievemtns of a man-in-the- street, who attained a very high and mighty position in the court of Yamen. . Adhulla, the brave and noble challanged the greatest swordsman of the empire, the Arab Commander, Aqurab, and defeated him in the very presense of the ruling authorities, and therby was proclaimed the Great Commander-in-Chief of the Yamen Empire. Abdullas high ambitions and unbending courage won for him the love of Princes Mahlaqua. . But is was not the end of his struggles. King of Yamen fell victim to the court intrigues, and lost his eye-sight. . Brave and mighty Abdulla set upon a herculean task of bringing the Lal Yeamen a precious and mysteirus stone, which only could bring back the eyesight of the boble king. Abdulla had to cross many hurdles, fight many evils, only then he could find out the precious stone "Lal Yamen" . But, no sooner he touched the stone, he got payalysed and completely defaced. He looked too horrible to show his face to anybody. . Completely frustrated and heart-broken, Abdulla, wandered in the jungles, while the cruel, wicked and mean Aqurab usurped the throne of Yamen. . Princess Mahlaqa left the palace stealthily and began a vigorous search for Abdulla. Poor Mahlaquas prayers, trails and tribulations did not gounheard. Her cries carried the longing of her heart to the green dome of Holy Madina, and while enveloped by them an eternal light flashed and caused many a miracle, which held the world spell- bound. Check out this page for more updates on Abdulla.

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