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Abhaya O Srikanta is a 1965 Indian Bengali biopic film released on 1965. The film is directed by Haridas Bhattacharya, music composed by Pabitra Chattopadhyay.

Srikanta and Abhaya get introduced to each other on their way to Rangoon. A distant relative of Abhaya named Rohini Babu accompanies Abhaya. Srikanta lands in Rangoon and gets a job. He lives in a hotel owned by Dathakur. Abhaya's husband Purna Chandra Guha had deserted her and married another woman. One day Purna Chandra lands up at Srikanta's office in search of a job. When identities are revealed Srikanta informs Abhaya. Abhaya goes to meet Purna Chandra, but is turned away. At that time a lot of people start dying in Rangoon due to plague. Srikanta ialso becomes a victim.. Before going to the hospital Srikanta goes to meet Abhaya. Abhaya refuses to let Srikanta go offers to take care of him at home. Srikanta confesses that he holds two women in very high esteem - Abhaya and Annadadidi.

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