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Adalat is a 1958 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1958. The film is directed by Kalidas, music composed by Madan Mohan.

Nirmala lives with her maternal uncle, his wife, and her widowed mom, studies in an Arts College, has a sweetheart in wealthy Rajinder R. Singh, who she plans to marry. Disagreements flare up at home when her aunt wants her to get married to an uneducated villager, Nirmala refuses to marry, instead gets a job at a Sada Bahar Nurtya Vidyalaya, which turns out to be a front for a brothel, landing her in prison. She gets off with a not guilty verdict, but is turned away from home, and the shock kills her mom. She attempts to find work, but is pursued relentlessly by a pimp, Pandit Kedarnath, who wants her for himself. Nirmala ends up as a Governess with none other than Rajinder's mom, where both lovers get married secretly. Rajinder then leaves for Britain, leaving behind a pregnant Nirmala. When the Singhs find out about her pregnancy and the man responsible, they refuse to believe her and throw her out straight into the arms of Kedarnath. She runs away and takes shelter working as a nurse in a private hospital where she gives birth to a baby boy. Kedarnanth once again shows up here, forcing the Trustees of the hospital to fire her. She flees with her child, and ends up at a brothel where she must accept this profession or see her child starve to death. She manages to smuggle the child to a kind-hearted doctor Renuka Roy. Years later, her son has grown up and is now the Public Prosecutor, and one of the first cases that he is to try is none other than that of Nirmala herself - a prostitute - who is now accused murder.

This is the story of a woman who loved not wisely, but too well. Nirmala (NARGIS) was a coy college girl whose maidenly heart was given away in love to her class-mate Rajinder (PRADEEP KUMAR) who separated from her when it was least expected. . Nirmalas aunt (CHAND BURQUE) on whose grudging and grumbling charity Nirmala and her widowed mother (PROTIMA DEVI) were dependent for their daily bread planed to marry Nirmala to a rich but good for nothing widower for substantial pecuniary gain and riddance of a dependent at the same time. . Nirmala spurned the marriage proposal of her aunt and on the latters threat of refusal to maintain Nirmala and her mother she went out to seek for a job and fell into a well laid trap of Kidarnath (PRAN) a notorious and mos unscrupulous villain. From now on her life became miserable because she could not stand against the tricks of Kidarnath due to which she was thrown out of the house and was placed at the mercy of snobbish society. . Time changed and once again spring came in the life of Nirmala when she met her lover but only for a shorttime. The happiness was cut short by sudden departure of Rajinder for higher studies abroad. Finding Nirmala again stranded, her shadow of doom Kidarnath again started his old villanious game tille he was properly dealt with by the invisible blow of eternal justice. . What became of Nirmala the victim of circumstances can only be revealed by the SILVER SCREEN. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Adalat.

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