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Adharm is a 1992 Indian Bollywood drama, action, crime film released on Feb 21, 1992. The film is directed by Aziz Sejawal, produced by Nitin Manmohan , music composed by Anand-Milind.

Two brothers, Jaghunath(Kiran kumar) and Bharat were exactly opposites. Bharat was religious while the other was more toward evil. Their father kicks Jaghunath out of the house(Dharm Niwas) because of his ill habits. Avinaash (Shatrughan sinha), an ACP was the son of Bharat. He was trapped in a crime and was sentenced to jail for 14 years. His younger brother Vicky(Sanjay Dutt) was raised up by Mamta(Shabana Azmi), wife of Avinaash with the help of Makkan Singh, (Shakti kapoor). Mamta didn't tell Vicky about the truth of Avinaash being alive. When Vicky grows up, he moves from one office to another but fails to get job, he start working for Raghunath(Paresh Rawal), cousin of Avinaash, in order to get back his ancestral house Dharm Niwas. But he comes to know about the truth of his brother being alive, which hurt him badly. On getting relesed from the jail, Avinaash gets back his job and tries to trap Raghunath in the same way that he was trapped. In the process, he comes to know that his own brother, Vicky was also involved in the crime with Raghunath, for which he arrest his brother. On the other side, Jagannath Kidnapped Mamta and Sara(Anit Raj), beloved of Vicky. After a fight sequence complete with heavy duty and comic dialogues, they all meet and live in Dharm Niwas.

This is the story of Dharam Niwas for which a pitch battle is fought amongst the family members. In fact, this is the story between dharm and adharm which is within human beings only. Thakur who had built Dharam Niwas and wished his sons Jagan and Bharat should follow all the sanctity. Bharat is pious, cultured and obedient son wheras Jagan is follower of all the bad things in life. Jagan plays such a trick that Bharat had to leave Dharam Niwas along with his two sons Avinash and Vicky. Jagan lives in Dharam Niwas with his three sons Raghunath, Rocky and Pratap. Jagan has passed in them all his nefarious thoughts. Jagans sons run smuggling, gambling dens and prostitutes business in the city. Avinash comes to the City as Assitant Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch and is after Raghunath. He smashes his dens and puts full stop to Raghunaths nefarious activities. Avinash is trapped by his superiors on the instance of Raghunath and Jagan. Avinashs wife Mamta is hard pressed because she has to bring her brother-in-law Vicky and wants to see him graduate. Vicky does not know that his brother Avinash is prey of tricks of Jagan and his sons who have captured his Dharam Niwas by sinister tricks. Mamta is working in a factory and Vicky comes to know about it. He forces Mamta to reveal all the story about his brother Jagan. Vicky takes vow to take back Dharam Niwas from the clutches of Jagan and his sons. . Avinash is acquitted from the Jail and joins Mamta and Vicky. Avinash plans to take revenge from Jagan and his son in his own way. Avinash and Vicky fight with Jagan and his sons. This is a Kurukshtera war for the sustenance of right, justice and in theend just wins. [Source: C.B.F.C] Check out this page for more updates on Adharm.

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