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Agar is a 1977 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1977. The film is directed by Esmayeel Shroff, produced by Mohan Rao under banner named Shri Kala Arts, music composed by Sonik-Omi.

This is the story of a married couple, Anil Agarwal, Industrialist (Amol Palekar) & Anju Agarwal (Zarina Wahab), a housewife. Their son Jimi (Master Raju) was about to drown in sea but Vijay Soni (Vijayendra Ghatge) a Civil Engineer saved him. This established friendly relation between this couple & Vijay Soni. So Anil (Amol) allowed Vijay Soni (Vijayendra) to stay with them. Jimi is also attached to Vijay. Davar (Kadar Khan), a Motor mechanic / Gunda wants close & trusted relation with Anil, as he was a rich person. Davar started to say false story about Vijay & Anju's relation. Davar successed in this plan. He wins the trust of Anil. And Anil starts misunderstanding the relation between Anju & Vijay. This resulted in murder of Vijay, and with the help of Davar , Anil burried the dead body of Vijay. Then Davar starts showing his true colours. He started blackmailing Anil & demanding more and more money. It's a suspense that Vijay being alive, was in Davar's custody , but then he escaped from Davar's custody & reveals whole story. At last, Davar gets arrest & confessed of his crime, and with open heart, Anil accept Vijay as his family friend.

How a happy family life turns turbulent when a perosn enters the circle and starts being friendly with the wife. The husbands feels the intentions not honourable and the story presents the mental anguish and clashes. Check out this page for more updates on Agar.

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