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Agnee is a 1988 Indian Bollywood drama film released on Nov 18, 1988. The film is directed by J. Om Prakash, produced by J. Om Prakash , music composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

The film is stroked back to the prospects that a high strategy has been plotted against a guy named as Pramod. He is conveyed that his beau Sonali is been killed and he has to urgently get back to his hometown. The person who is behind all this is Shekhawat. He is there to get his share of the inheritance. In the coming years, Amit has grown up in a decent and educated and literate family and becomes a doctor. Amit is Shekhawat’s elder son.

Amit and Babla who are Shekhawat's son are close ones. One day Pramod takes shelter in Amit's place and there he comes to get that Amit is his own son and the rest of the story is very filmy. Pramod is burning with revenge but he is reluctant to involve his beau. Then with twists and tales, Amit’s fiancée helps him to know the ultimate meaning of life. Then, the end is shown with Amit and Pramod getting united and killing of Shekhawat by his wife.

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