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Agnikaal is a 1990 Indian Bollywood action film released on Oct 19, 1990. The film is directed by Abbas-Mustan, produced by Ranjit Verma , music composed by Pankaj Bhatt.

Bharti's (Madhavi) fiance Vijay is killed by Police Inspector's son, Jhakotia (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) & inspector is killed by Bharti. But, Jhakotia with the help of DSP Anand (Kiran Kumar) puts blame on Bharti that she has killed both of them for money. D'souza (Tinu Anand) tries to write truth in his paper but he is also killed by Bhika (Joginder), Jhakotia's Man. Jagdeeshan (Raj Babbar) new inspector tries to find the truth & tells public that Bharti is innocent. Jhakotia transfers Jagdeeshan to some other place. Jhakotia tries to rape DSP's wife but she commits suicide. Bharti becomes a politician with the help of Jagdeeshan & stands against Jhakotia & wins. In the end both Jhakotia & Bhika are killed by the public. Anand tells in court that Bharti is innocent & she is hurt, but dies in the end fighting

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