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Amar Shaheed is a 1960 Indian Bollywood dubbed film released on 1960. The film is directed by B. R. Panthalu.
The epic historical and best-known of Ganesans collaborations with Panthulu. Kattabomman was the ruler of a small kingdom in Tamil Nadu in the 18th C. who heroically fought against the British invaders and is still revered for his rebellion. The plot has the British lure a rival, Ettayappan (Ramaswamy), into betraying the valiant Kattboman (Ganesan) who is wounded, captured, humiliatingly brought to trial and hanged. The idealised portrait Kattaboman is interwoven, in Ganesans first colour picture, with lavish court scenes, temple worship and the taming of bulls. A love interest has been added as well. The film conscioulsy invoked Cecil B. DeMilles spectacles with Panthulu adopting DeMilles tactic of personality introducing the film, on camera. *.* In the year 1764 A.D., East India Company had started wielding direct control over the whole of South-Eastern India and some territories around Madras. A full-scale plan for domination over South India was afoot. The first step for building-up political power in the South was to induce the Nawab of Arocot to take loans and when heavily encumber- ed to force him to yield rights to the Company to collect revenue from his entire domain-thus reducing the Nawab to a puppet and the English becoming the virtual rulers over the regions. . But the British reckoned without the brave South Indian patriots! The most prominent among the ruling principalities of South India was the seat of Panchal-Kuruchi-with its large-hearted ruler-Veerpandiya Kattabomman the Lion of the Deccan. Very soon, the Brithish realized that without conquering Kattabomman, it would be impossible for them to spread their domination in South. Awed by his fighting prowess and statesmanship, the British acted cautiously and resorted to indirect coericion and intimidation against Kattabomman, but all their wiles proved unavailing against this fearless giant, who placed the freedom of his motherland above everything else in the world. . In 1798, W.C. Jackson, the then Collector, summoned Kattabomman to appear before him. In a breath-taking feat of rare heroism, he went alone to face the insolent Collector. And when accused for not paying taxes, Kattabomman flared up and said. . "The bounteous clouds shower rain, the peasants sweat and toil and the loving earth yields rich harvest. For what, then, should you-a foreig- ner-demand taxes?" . Kattaboman made his momentous escape from the British fort, leaving the Collector stunned with his words and the wounded soldiers petrifi- ed with his bravery. Jackson was recalled to London and the notorious policy of "Divide and Rule" was then introduced. Raja Etappa and several other rulers were purchased and won over to betray Kattabomman . And then, the crafty traitors struck. . Kattabomman fought like a lion and thus enshrined himself in the hearts of the people for his immortal acts of bravery and patriotism. He unleashed the urge to fight for freedom-an urge-that gathered momentum in the decased to folloow-through the upsurge of the masses led in 1857 by the Raninof Jhansi and Tantya Tope and innumerable martyrs patriots which ultimately restored freedom to the motherland in 1947. . This ectraordinary and spectacular historical drama had been filmed entirely in colour and has prvoed to be the most memorable motion- picture ever produced in the South. Alok-Bharati presents it, with all its colossal grandeur and dramatic impact to become the most magnifi- cent historical ever produced in Hindi as an humble tribute to the reverted memory of Amar Shaheed. Check out this page for more updates on Amar Shaheed.

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