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Amargeeti is a 1940 Indian Bengali drama,family,romance film released on 1940. The film is directed by Hiren Bose.

Prasanta, Ratan and Maya were Childhood friends.While Ratan was a dare-devil man, Prasanta was studious.Maya was interested in Prasanta's company.Later Prasanta became a special student in Dr.Roy's science institute.He believed that all pronounced sounds ulitmately were accumulated in the universe and any body could call it back with the help of science.He was doing research in that.Dr.Roy was very proud of Prasanta.One day Dr.Roy approached Prasanta to marry his only daughter Loretto educated ? Aruna.Prasanta promised his father on deathbed to marry a poor girl of a village.He also promised that he would always consider his step mother and step sister as his own mother and sister.So he refused Dr.Roy's proposal.In the meantime Parasanta came to know from Ratan that Maya's mother at one time was bound to mortgage her entire property to the Zamindar.As she was unable to pay him back,the old zamindar was giving her promise to arrange his marriage with Maya.Prasanta came to village and paid all dues back and accepted all responsibilities of Maya. By this one promise was kept. Not all doors of his own development were closed.Theatre was Ratan's passion.He also worked in a theatre.Ratan arranged a job for Prasanta in that theatre.Maya also had no peace in her mind.The step mother and step sister of Prasanta also did not like Maya.One day they went out of town to find a new job.Ratan was supposed to give the news to Maya.Ratan went to Maya to give the news.Scenting Ratan's presence, the step mother and setp sister threw Maya out of the house.Prasanta kept Maya with her mother in the village.Prasanta was hit by a motor car one day after the show.The car was driven by a woman.The woman picked up the injured Prasanta in her car.Seeing Prasanta her father recognized Prasanta.The woman was Aruna,the daughter of Dr.Roy.Aruna cured Prasanta.Oneday Ratan brought the news of Maya's illness to Prasanta.Prasanta went to the village to meet Maya.But on the way he heard from a distance, a discussion between Ratan and Maya.Prasanta was surprised.Was Maya's love for him false then.Was his friendship with Ratan false.Without informing anything to Maya and Ratan, Prasanta came back.But the love in which there was not a single trace of disgrace could not be a failure.Therefore all ended well.

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