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Amrutha Ghalige is a 1984 Indian Kannada costume drama film released on Oct 10, 1984. The film is directed by Puttanna Kanagal, music composed by Vijay Bhaskar. This movie deals with the cause and consequences of teenage pregnancy. The heroine (Padmavasanthi), hailing from a poor background, falls in love with an affluent young man (Ramakrishna). The young man impregnates her and leaves her in the lurch. The heroine's classmate (Sridhar) comes forward to marry her and give an identity to the child. Unfortunately, the classmate dies due to illness soon after. The young man comes back and unexpectedly meets his son. The classmate writes a letter that he had considered the heroine as his sister, and she was as pure as river Ganges. Finally the young man accepts the heroine. This movie has very good songs and great lyrics Check out this page for more updates on Amrutha Ghalige.

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