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Anand is a 1970 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1970. The film is directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, produced by Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

Anand is a story of a terminally ill patient called Anand Saigal (Rajesh Khanna). The movie begins with Dr Bhaksar Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan) winning a prize for his book about Anand. Then the movie goes back into the past. Anand, is shown suffering from lymphosarcoma of the intestine. He, however appears to be cheerful on the outside and is determined to extract as much pleasure from his remaining lifespan as possible. Dr. Bhaskar his physician, looks after Anand in his last days. The movie revolves around Anand and this sensitive Doctor - patient relationship.

The Khanna hit which launched the 70s melodrama formula of endowing the central character with a terminal disease. In this way, a typical emotional highlight of the melodramatic genre, thedeath of the hero could be spun out across the entire length of the film. Anand (Khanna zestfully fights intestinal cancer, determined toextract as much pleasure from his remaining lifespan as possible despite the physical pain. The moral of the story is emphasised via the recording of the heros voice, replayed minutes after his actual death, enjoining the audience to value a large-hearted life over a merely long one. The film retained a commercial repeat value as one of Bachchans early starring roles. He plays the brooding Dr Bhaskar who tends to Anand in his last days and then writes a book on him which wins a literary prize. The award ceremony provides the framming narrative of Anands story told in flashback. Choudhrys music also contributed to the films success, e.g. Kahin door sung by Mukesh. Mukherjee cast the popular Bengali actress Sanyal (Ashirwad, 1968; Chena Achena and Chiradiner, both 1969; and esp, Guddi, 1971) in her first major Hindi role. He remade the film, with less success, as Mili (1975), featuring a terminally ill heroine, Jaya Bhaduri, opposite a cynical and alcoholic Bachachan. *.* The coveted Saraswati Award for 1970 is presented to Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee for his maiden work as a novelist. Bhaskar receive high compliments for his brilliant portrayal of a most interestiing and unconventional character, and whilst accepting the Award, he reveals that the caracter is not all his own creation, that it is not fictitious. . Bhaskar met Anand Saigal through a common friend, and is proud to have brought him before a much wider public through the medium of the book. Anand first came to Dr. Prakash Kulkarni, a close friend of Bhaskar and a prosperous gernral practitioner. Prakash told Bhaskar that Anand was suffering from lympho-circoma of the intestines. Knowing the disease to be totally incurable, Bhaskar was reluctant to take up the case, but after he had met Anand in person, he was astoished that a dying man could have such a wonderful zest for life and happiness. Could such a man be aware that, medically he was under a sentednce of death? In matter of fact, Anand not only knew his Fate but was fully determined that every moment of his remaining weeks of short life would be a happy milestone. . Till Bhaskar met Anand, he had been in danger of turning a cynic. With a brilliant medical career before him, he despaired at his utter helpl essness to aid the poor, whose diseases were ofter synonymous with their abject poverty. On the other hand, Bhaskar abhorred the imaginar y diseases of the idle rich, and unlike his friend Prakash, he shuned the opportunity of charging them high fees merely to satisfy their maniastricken and pampered minds. Gradually, friends noticed Bhaskar withdrawing from the mainstream of life. He was becoming a recluse, and was concent rating on research work in connection with the problem of cancer. . Then came Anand, and everything was changer. . Anand! A man with a mission. To be merry, and with the gift of sharing his infectious happiness with everyone who came into contact with him. He refused to atay in Dr. Kulkarnis clinic as a patient, wasting away his fleeting yer invaluable moments of precious life. He ran away from the hospital and found shelter with Bhaskar. As the days passed, so happily with this extraordinary man, Bhaskar despaired of looking into the future, and even prayed for a miracle which his scientific mind knew was just not possible. Bhaskar watched with awe and wonderment as Anands frail body, stricken with the deadly disease, disintegrated fast yer eac day his soul seemed capable of soaring highter and higher to flourish all the moer with the sheer joy of giving joy. . As Bhaskar and Prakash awaited the inevitable, Anand busied himself with the task of sortingout the personal problems of his new friends and with the effort to bring sunshine and happiness in their lives. Anand came to learn that Bhaskar had a secret love for Renu, a working girl, though both were too shy and secretive to express their innermost feelings. Anand happily took upon himself the task of breaking down the barriers that kept tem apart, and with gay abandon he manipulated their meetings in manner that was to culminate in their realisation of true love for for each other. To Anand, Bhaskar and Renu would owe an irrwparable debt of happiness. . As the end drew closer, Bhaskar, Renu, Prakash, his wife the matron at the clinic, Bhaskars persoal servent - all were drawn closer to the ailing yer ever happy man. he often caught them unawares with his wit and wisdom, as they fought back the tears that would fill their eyes. Nothing daunted, he went along merily bringing joy and happiness to all around him. Anand fought off his fatal disease with the determination to cling to happiness till his last breath. . And when the end came, Bhaskar and all of Anands friends realised that nothing can end with death. The happiness that Anand had so gern- rously spread around would love on and be the medium of Anand immortal Check out this page for more updates on Anand.

Cast & Crew

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan

Dr. Bhaskar Banerje..

Ramesh Deo

Ramesh Deo

Dr. Prakash Kulkarn..

Seema Deo

Seema Deo

Mrs. Suman Kulkarni

Lalita Pawar

Lalita Pawar

Matron D'Sa

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    Cool Movie

    hindicritic, 9 years ago
    This is nice movie. I liked it.
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    Blockbuster Movie

    filmifan45, 9 years ago
    This is one of the block buster movie

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