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Anjan Hai Koi is a 1969 Indian Bollywood film released on 1969. Both Anand and Prabhat were heartier friend studing in London. . Here at Pilikathi Simadevi was only daughter of a landlord Blavirsing. But.....after the suddenly death of Balvirisng. His nearly friend Dr. Prakash cares for Simadevi. . At telegraph from Simadevi stating that she was in dangerous position was received by Anand and his friend Prabhat for Pilikathi. Anand was to be married with Sima. . All waiters and staff servant of Haveli want to adopt the wealth of Simadevi. For that sake Simadevi was attached so many times to be safe from all these attackers Dr. Prakash announces that Simadevi was lame. Anand was murdered in running train by an unknown person. . Who would be the murderer of Anand ? . To solve this question Prabhat; the friend of Anand introduces himself himself as Anand in Pilikothi. . Sandhya a friend of Sima who had came to Pilikothi to please Sima came in contect with Anand felt in love with Anand. . Here in Pilikothi the mystery that Anand was not a real Anand but was opened and all the men concerned with Pilikathi describe Prabhat in sence of suspence. . Prabhat tries to prove the murderer of his beloved friend Anand and a net of suspence was formed. Check out this page for more updates on Anjan Hai Koi.

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