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Aparadh is a 1942 Indian Bengali family film released on Apr 11, 1942. The film is directed by Phani Majumdar, produced by L. K. Kabra under banner named Movie Technique Society.

Alaka was married when she was 16. She was married to an educated young man. But on the day of marriage police arrested the man as he was not a Brahmin, a Kayashtha. He bluffed Alaka regarding his name and caste. So Alaka was forced to flee away. Alaka learned nursing from Calcutta. Concealing her own identity she got a job of a nurse in a charitable hospital. She changed her name to Madhabi. Then man who bluffed Alaka was Mathura. He had done this misdeed several times before. After being released from jail he went to Hazaribagh. At that time Madhabi was there. But she could not save a Brahmin girl from the clutch of that criminal or save herself. The parents of that girl threw her out of the house as she opposed marriage of that girl with Mathura. Young rich man Arun Kumar Bandopadhyay was attracted by the character and charm of Madhabi. But the moment he came to know her earlier marriage he lost his interest. The old doctor loved Madhabi like his own daughter. He felt that she is definitely concealing some thing. The doctor also wanted the marriage of Madhabi with Arun. But when due to the conspiracy of Mathura, Arun left Madhabi he got stunned. Due to this shock Madhabi's nervous system got damaged. Paralysis was inevitable. So worried doctor went to met an astrologer. The mad astrologer is basically miming engineer. His luxury was piano, wine and poetry. God knew why he liked Madhabi. But he thought that he had no right to marry anybody, so when he heard that Arun was attracted towards Madhabi he became busy about their marriage. But on instigation of Mathura, Arun left Madhabi. Above all the doctor informed him about the recent illness of Madhabi. The astrologer then realized that he was the only man left to marry a helpless girl like Madhabi. So he rushed to Madhabi to marry her.

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Cast & Crew

Monica Desai

Monica Desai

Madhavi (Nurse)

Britindranath Thakur

Britindranath Thakur

Jyotish (Astrologer..

Dhrubo Chakraborty

Dhrubo Chakraborty

Arun (Lover of Madh..

Shankarlal Bhattacharya

Shankarlal Bhattacharya

Malhora Mohon (Frie..

Reba Desai

Reba Desai

Karuna (Friend of M..

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