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Iqraar By Chance is a 2006 Indian Bollywood costume drama, drama film released on Oct 06, 2006. The film is directed by K. Ravi Shankar, produced by Reeta J. Shukla , music composed by Sandesh Shandilya.
The story is about a girl named as Rashmi Mehra who is born to wealthy family and she lives a carefree life in London. She is an over expenditure in terms of money and this makes her daddy realize of what she would be doing later in her future. One day, she convinces her father that she would earn £5000 in one month and later, she goes to get work for the same thing. She later finds that it is not easy to get the job without using her father’s name and also she is not a job experience holder in the same segment. So, she plans a strategy and convinces the owner of the Radio that they let her falling in love with a man and she would ditch him in front of the reality show. Then, she comes in contact with a man named as Raj with whom she falls in love. But, he is actually a CBI officer and is here to catch the druggist from the underworld. Then, things shatter when she is kidnapped by the underworld don and later, that CBI officer helps her to get rid of all these things. Check out this page for more updates on Iqraar By Chance.

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