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Niaz Aur Namaaz is a 1977 Indian Bollywood film released on 1977. A muslim devotional, based on the message of Niaz of Hazrat Jafare Sadiq. The story revolves round the legend of wood-cutter Salim and his wife Razia and how the offering of Niaz by Razia brings fruits in thier lives. - All religions lead us to the almight god. Though the paths are differents in different religion, is the foundation of mankind. The story of this devotional film moves around such a path which glorifies the motives and messages of Niaz of (Kundon-Ki-Niaz) of Hazrat Jafer-E Sadiq and the famous legend of wood cutter an his wife Razia. . Wood cutter Salim has to leave his native place on the account of unemployment fully planned by the ever lust hungry Sikander, who was mad after Razia. Razia was tortured by Sikander and his men. One day Qalandar in a Daragah-E-Sufi gave the message of Niaz of Hazrat Jafer-E-Sadiq which is observed on 22nd of Islamic month of Rajab. . Razia took the holy message seriously and offered the Niaz (Kheer Puri Niaz brought fruits as Salim struck the Khazana, while cutting wood in jungle. Salim returned to his native place laden with riches. . Vazir of the state did not believe in this miracle of Niaz rather he mocked at it. He had to face the anger of the almighty. He was arrested for the murder of the crown prince. He was found in possession of a melon which miraculously turned into head of the prince. . Razia was kidnapped by the henchmen of Sikander when Salim was out of station. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Niaz Aur Namaaz.

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