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Nirdosh is a 1973 Indian Bollywood social film released on Nov 23, 1973. The film is directed by S. M. Sagar, produced by Kalique.

Ravi (Vinod Mehra), a young lawyer is the son of Judge Dwarkanath (Iftekar). Judge Dwarkanath had decided that his son would get married to Pooja (Yogita Bali), the daughter of his childhood friend Shiv once the both of them grew up. Now Ravi is grown up and his father wants Ravi to go and check on Pooja. Ravi goes to Pooja's Village, and comes acrose Pooja who is a complete prankster, dressed up like a boy and behaving like one also. She spends all her time roaming around and playing with the boys. She plays a lot of pranks on Ravi and his friends and he starts liking her. He then slowly falls in love with her. He doesn't tell her parents nor her who he is. So, one fine day Pooja decides to transform her self into an ordinary girl. Ravi discloses his true identity to her. One day Dwarkanath reads in the papers that there have been devastating floods in his friend Shiv's village. He and Ravi go there and find that everything has been wasted away and the whole villiage has been destroyed. His friend Shiv has passed away a few days back and Pooja had been taken to Mumbai by someone. Pooja flees from this person only to fall into the hands of another man, who along with three of his other friends rape her and leave at the beach to die. She somehow manages to come across her close friend from the village who now studies in a school in Mumbai. She starts staying with Thimps(Mehmood) and his elder brother Shankar (Sujit kumar) . Shankar takes her to Ravi's house where she meets Ravi's mother and tells her the truth. Ravi's mother asks her to leave the house. Meanwhile one of the four men who had raped Pooja turns out to be a close friend of Ravi's. When he comes to know that Pooja is the girl Ravi is supposed to marry, they make plans to find Pooja and finish her but all their plans are unsuccessfull. That particular friend of Ravi's, tells Ravi that Pooja is no longer alive and Ravi becomes extremely depressed. Pooja avoids Ravi on several occassions as she does not want to hurt him. She decides to take revenge on those four men for which she takes on several disguises along with Shankar ( also in disguise), making them dance to her tune. She then starts playing one man against the other

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