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Oomai Vizhigal is a 1986 Indian Tamil action film released on Aug 15, 1986. The film is directed by R Aravindaraj, produced by Aabaavanan. A group of college girls come in a light blue matador to Chola Picnic Village.They take a room in a hotel at that Picnic Spot.It becomes night and it is a full moon day. They go out the beach,lit a bonfire and enjoy by singing and dancing for Raathiri Nerathu Poojayil. After the song gets over,all the girls return to the Hotel. One of them is missing, that is Vasanthi. One of the girls ask among themselves where is vasanthi and one of the girl answers that she has gone for walking along with her pet dog Rita. She comes across a bell hung in a "Pie symbol" based structure. The bell is tied to one of the legs of the structure. She looks at it,goes near it and rings it for 3 times. Then a beldam is shown who is sleeping on woods and suddenly gets up on hearing the bell sound and looks scarily on both the sides and then again goes to sleep. Then a Berlin carriage is shown in which one of the horse rubs the ground with one of its legs. Then it is shown that Vasanthi stops ringing the bell and returns back trying to lift the dog and carry it. But the dog barks and PRK is found to stand on the cocking cart with a cigar in his mouth. He looks into her eyes.Then the dog gets frightened and runs away.He sits on the footman's seat of the carriage and whips it. The cart moves and Vasanthi starts running(Rita is also shown running in a frightened voice). At one point of time, PRK gets hold her hair and takes her along with him. The next scene shows Raja entering into the Chola Picnic Village.He goes through forest and comes across a Berlin Carriage.The carriage is halted aside two horses. One of the horse is shown rubbing the ground with one of its legs.Raja takes photo of it. He comes across a "Pie Symbol" based structure hung with a bell and tied to one of its legs. A beldam is found to sit below it.He introduces himself as Press Photographer and she stares him wildly and starts moving away from there. He says her that he has come to enquire about a murder that took place four to five days before.She doesn't answer him and moves away with scare in her eyes.He calls her, she turns and he takes a photo snap of her. Then he comes across a church where he sees a father moving here and there.He introduces himself as Assistant Editor in Dhinamurasu Magazine. He enquires by saying that four to five days before a girl's body was found floating in the Picnic Village's Beach.He says that police reported the murder to be a suicide,regrading that he requires some clarifications.The father refuses to answer and asks him who has given him permission to enter the picnic village.In response he asks whose permission is required.The father says that there is no any sort of connection between the picnic village and the church,but since route to the church is through picnic village,a formal permission is required from the church's bishop and also asks him to get out.He calls the father and takes a snap of him. That time Lakshmana,the younger brother of PRK arrives there with smoking cigarette in his mouth. Raja moves away from there. Check out this page for more updates on Oomai Vizhigal.

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