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Paagalpan is a 2001 Indian Bollywood drama film released on Jan 01, 2001. The film is directed by Joy Augustine, produced by Ravi Doddi , music composed by Raju Singh.
Young and charming Roma Pinto is the only girl in the struggling Pinto family, subsisting of five bros, with sundry careers. They are very protective and sympathetic towards her, and will not any woo her without their express acceptance. When Sameer Malhotra enters Roma's life, gets attracted and decide to get wed. The problem is Sameer's dad is a wealthy industrialist, who will never allow his son to get wed to a poor girl like Roma. And Roma's bros do not permit of Sameer and will not permit him under any situations to get close to Roma, and will go to kill anyone who gets in their way. Check out this page for more updates on Paagalpan.

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