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Pahadi Nagin is a 1964 Indian Bollywood fantasy film released on 1964. The film is directed by Azim.
Man is not hungry for food only, but also have a hunger for acquiring wealth. In this very greed, Professor Ranjit Singh, accompanied with his lonely innocent child, Ajit undertakes a journey from India for the discovery of wealth, passes through various distant places, lands into mountaineering region. Where a queen rules over the people sitting under the shadow of the goddess, a symbol of faith of that entire civilization - And according to the formulated rules, the queen could not involve in romance with any man - When Ranjit Singh under the guidance of his faithful servant, Mala returns successfully discovering the "Sulemani Treasure" suddenly the soldiers of the queen attack and arrest him, and under this offence he is convicted for the execution in the name of the goddess. After few days Mala too becomes victim of an attack - Now the poor and an innocent orphan child, Ajit wandering amidst the juge jungles, achives maturity who is introduced to a young man, named Shikari. Hence Ajit and Shikari pass their live merrrily together in the jungle. There Usha, the one and only daughter of Doctor growns up to her youth. With the result, Doctor is highly worried for the performance of her matrimonial rights. In this very illusion Doctor very often reminds of his intimate association with Ranjit Singh and his child Ajit, which pains him very much, because both Usha and Ajit were engaged since their childhood. He there fore undertakes a journey for the investigation of Ajit and Ranjit Singh with one of his millioner friends lonely young son, Jagdish and his daughter Usha. Accidentaly when they land in the same mountaineering region they are captured by the soldiers and are forwarded before their leader (Minister). And when they are about to convicted for the same execution, a sudden Mirraculous sound is heard, which is fortunate enough to save their lives from the execution. But the Leader being impressed by the dynamic beauty of Usha, serves an order for her re-arrest. Fortunately when Usha is re-arrested Ajit and Shikari appear together suddenly like Angles and fought out the soldiers-Here Suah and Ajit are involved in romance getting closer association, whereas on the otherhand the queen, who is highly impressed by the bravery of Shikari, attends private meeting in fullfledged romance with him. Having come to know the matrimonial relation between Usha & Ajit, Jagdish gets destructive and hatred feelings in his boiling heart. And in order to achive Usha, he seeks help from the Leader. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Pahadi Nagin.

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