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Panchvati is a 1990 Indian Bollywood social, offbeat film released on Jan 01, 1990. The film is directed by Basu Chatterjee, produced by Shobha Doctor , music composed by Shaarang Dev.
Panchvati woven into the matrix of man woman relatioship is a film of inner human turmoils. Foru lives entwined in not always sunlit days and velvety nights. Two brothers and thier wives caught up int the whirlpool of emotions their interacitons and reflecions not directed at catharsis but confronting situations that demand pondering. . Panchavati is not a film only conjugal bliss or maladjustment. Underneath the socio-emotional strucfure lie other significations mythological metaphysical and even political. Some explicit. Some subtle. But always flexible. Subject to infivdual interpretaions. At times drecting one to the solitary prison of ones aloneness. . The visual structure of Panchavati demonstrates the abstract of the concrete, and the magnificaiton inherent in it. The outher design and the inner desire at times in conflict, and at times in conformity. It is the rhythmic harmoney of the two in its visual blend the gives Panchavati the texture of a rainbow. The fluid flexibility of the inner desire interacts with the concrete outer format of socio- emotional design. . The thin divinding line between dream and desire disappears when the fallen leves of autumn spread a cover on reality. Perversions become poems. Or meanness. Or pretesions. Or plain anger. The weight of outside material rivalry expresses itself physically, while the burden of inner unfulfilled desires acquires volcanis proportions in the psyche. Vascillaion countinues to retain continuity of subterranen uncertainty, out of which emerges a different reality. Check out this page for more updates on Panchvati.

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