Hindi    Feb 22, 1991 (India)  

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Patthar Ke Phool is a 1991 Indian Bollywood romance film released on Feb 22, 1991. The film is directed by Anant Balani, produced by G. P. Sippy under banner named Sippy Films.
Kiran is the daughter of a very rich businessman. Her father is a criminal and he is the owner of all the criminal activities. One day, his daughter falls in love with a police officer. The police officer is named as Suraj and he has been given the charge to investigate the case of Kiran’s father. But, when Kiran’s father comes to know that his daughter is in love with a police inspector, he gives up all his criminal activities and starts a new life. But, other criminals are not happy with this and they sentence Kiran’s dad and tries to kill Suraj.

Inspector Vijay Verma is an honest policeman. He stays with his wife Meera & son Suraj. Suraj goes to Wilson College. He meets Kiran in the bus. She is the daughter of Balraj Khanna, a big smuggler & criminal. Inspector Vijay investigates and finds proof against Balraj. Days pass, Suraj & Kiran become friends & then lovers. Suraj's mother Meera calls Kiran to her house for tea. While talking to her Vijay comes to know that she is Balraj's daughter. He tells Suraj not to meet her, but Suraj goes to her father's birthday party. He comes home drunk & insults his father. Meera gets angry with Suraj. In the morning Suraj leaves the house. Some days later Suraj comes to see his mother who in a fit of anger tells him that he is not Vijay's son. Suraj on hearing this gets shocked & depressed. She also tells him what had happened in her past. Balraj orders his men to kill Vijay Verma. Doorja leaves the house to kill him but Karim Khan saves him and brings him to the hospital. Suraj runs to the hospital & sees his father dying. He gets upset. Meera tells Suraj to train to join the police force. Suraj goes for training. He gets trained & comes back. He gets the files containing the proofs of Balraj's real identity. Kiran also comes to know the truth. She leaves the house & stays in a hostel. Seeing this Balraj takes a step - he informs all his partners that he is surrendering before the police. Hearing this Doorjan kidnaps Kiran. In order to save her, Suraj shoots Doorjan. Balraj & Karim Khan get arrested and peace is restored.

Patthar Ke Phool is a 1991 Bollywood film starring Salman Khan who plays a police officer fighting an underworld gang. Check out this page for more updates on Patthar Ke Phool.

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