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Shri Ganesh Mahima is a 1950 Indian Bollywood mythology film released on 1950. The film is directed by Homi Wadia, produced by Homi Wadia , music composed by S. N. Tripathi.
Great and Miraculous power are attributed to Shri Ganesh the benefactor of mortals as well as the immortals. Such a benign being was once laughted at by Chandra only to be cursed by him. Realising his folly Chandra begged her forgivenness and the curse was modified by the merciful divinity to be effective only on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. He ordained that anybody looking at the moon on that day will be a victim of false accusations. . It was on such a day that Shri Krishna unwittingly looked at the moon and had to suffer the indignity of being falsely accused of theft of Syamantak Mani. This jewel was acquired by Satrajit, one of the Yadavas as a boon from God Sun. Shri Krishna had sent Narad to Satrajit expressing his desire to possess the Mani. . The events took such a turn that there was circumstantial evidence against Shri Krishna who happened to be at the Chambers of Satrajits daughter Satyabhama, devotee of Lord Krishna on the night prior to Satrajits losing the Mani. . Shri Krishna was shocked at such allegation made by Satrajit and Shatadhanva ( Another Yadava) who had been promised by Satrajit the hand of his daughter Satyabhama. Shri Krishna took upon himself to find out the jewel and redeem it to its rightful owner only to clear himself of the allegation. . A search party was organised which came across the dead body of Prasain, a carcas of lion and also the foot-prints of a bear blazing a new trail which when followed led the party to a cave. Shri Krishna went inside the cave telling the followers to wait at the cave entrance for seven days and if he did not return by then, to go back to Dwarka. . Inside the cave Shri Krishna found the Syamantak Mani and also Jambuwanti, the daughter of the powerful bear king Jambuwant. There ensued a fight between Shri Krishna and Jambuwant lasting for twentyone days. The people at the entrance of the cave returned as per instruction after the seventh day. . The duration of this fight gave Shatadhanva a real chance for villany. He puts in an all over effort to win the hand of Satyabhama who would marry none but Shri Krishna. . Jambuwant losing the battle gave away his daughter in marriage and Syamantak Mani as dowry to Shri Krishna. . Coming to Dwarka, Shri Krishna returned the jewel to its rightful owner, Satrajit repented on his folly and made amends by giving away his daughter to Shri Krishna in marriage. Shatadhanva came to know of this alliance and made short work of the unsupecting father Satrajit and decamped with the Mani. Shri krishna brought justice to the evil doer and the villain Shatachanva fell a victim to his famous Sudershana Chakra. Check out this page for more updates on Shri Ganesh Mahima.

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