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404 is a 2011 Indian Bollywood suspense,thriller film released on May 20, 2011. The film is directed by Prawal Raman, produced by Nameeta Nair under banner named APCA. News & Entertainment, music composed by Imaad Shah.

A prime Medical Organization, a world famous professor, a new pupil Abhimanyu who challenges his elders and the exercise of teasing, a secret that is inaccessible forever. Professor Aniruddh is enthralled with Abhimanyu's shrewdness and stubbornness when he decides to dismiss all reports and changes into an area that has been prohibited for years. What trails is a fascinating story about a Lecturer who rejects the supernatural and trusts only in Knowledge, and a positive young student who fights with his battle of delusion and realism. Is what Abhimanyu grasps actual or are his mind playing actions? Is the Lecturers belief that 'it's all in the mind' sufficient to persuade the once balanced Abhimanyu that what he understands is not actual...or is it???

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