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  • Aparna Phadke


    Aparna Phadke | Times of India

    Friendship doesn’t see the ways of the world and nor does it follow any set rules. It follows the heart and Duniyadari is all about the journey of the heart – which can be arduous, but almost always fulfilling
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  • Neha Pinto


    Neha Pinto | BookMyShow

    Duniyadari is a film that promises brilliant performances aplenty. The film directed by Sanjay Jadhav is based on the very renowned novel by Late......
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  • kailashmisra


    My review of Duniyadari (2013) by kailashmisra

    kailashmisra, 9 years ago
    The film starts with the grandmother Shirin going to visit Pune with her brother Pritam and along with her grandchildren. While she is on her journey, she narrates the story of her college days. The story starts with Shreya who is a son of a rich businessman. Having scored less in his graduation degree, his mother decides to send him to Pune for completing his Post graduation. It is the first day of the college, when Shreya meets with Digya. Digya is the don of the college and along with his friends, he slap Shreya by mistake. After realizing they slapped a wrong person, they decide to apologize him and they introduce him in his gang. Now Shreya becomes a part of this ‘katta’ gang. One day when his friends see a girl getting out of the car, they decide to impress her and in return, this girl misunderstands Shreya as the ‘don’. Now this girl is very beautiful medical student, Shirin who later comes to know about her misunderstanding. Now Shreya after seeing her for the first time immediately falls in for her and soon Shirin along with her brother Pritam becomes a part of this gang. Then in the picture, there enters Meenu who is a very bubbly girl and whose father is a policeman. So in order to seek revenge from her, the gang decides that Shreya will impress Menu. But Menu without having a negative impact on her life falls in love with Shreya and this creates a love triangle. Shirin after coming to know about Menu’s love for Shreya decides to get them closer. This is because Shirin is soon going to marry Saai, who is the political don of Pune. Shreya when goes to confess his love for Shirin, he comes to know about Saai. Now Saii starts creating troubles in Shreya’s and Shirin’s life. On the other end, Shreya confesses to Menu that he loves Shirin. Shreya’s father is serious and he goes to visit his dad. Then his mother tells him the truth that she loved someone else but had to marry his father forcefully. Shreya meets with the man whom his mother loved but he ends committing suicide. Shreya about him decides to fight for his love, Shirin. Because next day is Shirin’s and Saai’s wedding. Shreya asks for Shirin’s hand very peacefully but her father beats Shreya in public. But in this, Shreya is helped by his friends Digya and many other and Shreya decides to take Shirin along with him. Both of them are married and Shirin is pregnant with Shreya’s child. It is after this, Shreya comes to know that he is going to die due to cancer and so he tells his last wish to Shirin. He says that my friends should visit me on my birthday in my college and so everyone including Meenu also goes to visit Shreya in the college. This is the most heart touching story one could ever come across. The movie created a big impact on the minds of the viewers. The heartwarming chemistry between Saai and Swapnil is indeed the strongest point of the film. Songs are spellbinding and indeed excellent.
  • Patil


    My review of Duniyadari (2013) by Patil

    Patil, 9 years ago
    Go to the movie..... It would be like FlashBack of College life...... MUST WATCH.....

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