Hindi    Sep 08, 2000 (India)

Verdict: Timepass Movie. One time watch.


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Fiza is a 2000 Indian Bollywood drama film released on Sep 08, 2000. The film is directed by Khalid Mohamed, produced by Pradeep Guha.

Fiza narrates the story of the sisters (karishma Kapoor) single minded search. Of a missing brother it also wells on how the search affects the socia-political andreligious favour of the land. Jaya Bachan is a widow and mother of Karishma Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan. Karishma loves Vikram Saliya. White Hrithik is in love with Neha. A riot breaks out between the religious groups and Hrithik dis appears. People believe that he is dead. Karishma feels that he is a live and start searching for him. In the process she encounters strong opposition from the religious groups who want to exploit her for political reasons. Later she discovers that he is alive and joined a terrorist Murad Khan. He doesnot want to return because he has killed jew people while saving his life. and he feels that he willnot get justice. But on Karishma's insistence he returns home, He does not get a job and Neha gets married. He returns back home and finds out that Murad Khan in also using him he does not want to get killed either by the police or the terrorist. He asks Karishma to eliminate him.

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Cast & Crew

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Amaan Ikramullah

Jaya Bachchan

Jaya Bachchan

Nishatbi (Amaan's M..

Manoj Bajpai

Manoj Bajpai

Murad Khan




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