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Pehli Jhalak is a 1954 Indian Bollywood romance, social film released on Jan 01, 1954. The film is directed by M. V. Raman.
Probably it never happened that Bridegroom returned back from Brides place without marrying her. But it did happen in this story. . Binas dream for a new life was shattered into pieces. She could not face her grieved fatehr -Lala Kidernath and left her house. Though she herself was a most beautiful girl, yet she believed that the inner beauty of a person is far superior to the outer one. She could not remain all alone for a long and met with another girl, who also carried a big load of misfortunes. They both joined hand sto fight hard for a happy future. Rupa had no relation, except her younger brother, Rajan, who was a regular vagabond, gambler and pickpocket. He did not spare Bina even. Bina could not bear the bad habits of Rajan and decided to reform him. . Chand, son of Rai Sahib Jwala Prashad, was badly in need of a bride for himself and was in search of the most beautiful girl in the world, but his fate wed him with Girja, a typical butterfly, who was explosive like an Atom bomb. . Bina, Rupa and Rajan lived together. Bina could not depend on others, rather wanted to help the,. She had a soft heart and wished to serve the deserving humanity, specially her fellow women. She joined W.P.S. so that besides earning she could aid her desire for serving others. She was gifted with a melodious voice and rhythmic feet, She sang and danced to the million hearts and thus became most popular danseus of the time. . Pran was responsible for ruining the life of Rupa and now he was after Chand, whom he blackmailed through the help of Dairy, whom he used to call " Magic of Bengal". No one knew the hidden secrets of this diary except Pran & Chand and later was compelled to part with a big fortune and fed Pran, with Rai Sahibs wealth. Prans game was fancy and his luck was in the cards. He was running a gambling house, where Rajan was a regular visitor. He saw Binas house and to his bad luck left the mysterious diary there. Bina thus learnt the secret of diary and decided to save the persons who have been entangled by villnious Pran. . Pran is upset to loose the diary. He was aftr securing it again. Chand also wanted to get hold of the dairy and appointed Girja for the job. Bina was in danger..... . This is the beginning of the suspense, which will be revealed on the screen in a most astounding manner. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Pehli Jhalak.

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