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Sehra is a 1963 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1963. The film is directed by V. Shantaram, produced by V. Shantaram under banner named Shantaram Productions.

Sehra is the story set in the backdrop of the simple and archiac community life of Rajasthan, where chivalry is the only virtue and people resolve every issue either by a fight or by the intercommunity meeting . According to the norms, the head of the every community should provide it with an heir who'll take the mantle from his father. But Sherpal the old but the vigorous leader has brought up his daughter Angara with great care and has always treated her as his son. He has trained her to be an warrior and entrusted upon her to defend his honour and dignity and that of the community. The virility and courage of the lady wins accolades when she emerges victorious in the ceremonial annual competition. The warrior whom she defeated is from the rival committy. Still he immediately falls in love with Angara . Angara also nurtures a soft corner for him. But the age old institutions of patriarchy prevents her to go further and compels her to sacrifice her own will to the social will. To keep the dying mother's wishes, she gives up the attire of the warrior and turns into a complete woman , with shame and grace in the right place. Vikram, her lover is imprisoned for meeting her on the sly but she coud'nt protest. She releases Vikram and later and admits her love to him too. Suddenly a stranger named Mandal comes in the house of Angara and claims that he is the person to marry Angara and her father had promised so to her late father. She denies and takes a vow never to get married. But the village community decides that Angara should marry Mandal to prove the worth of his father's words. Angara and her father still resist. A war on the pretext of the justice is launched by the arch rival leader who has given shelter to hurt Angara by any means. But Angara soon realizes the futility of such warfare and mourns the loss of innocent lives only for her sake, like a true woman. She stops the war by giving her the consent to the marriage with Mandal. After the mariage Mandal takes revenge by tormenting Angara physically and mentally. He makes her walk a long distance across the great desert by carrying a heavy load but she endures. She put up with all the sufferings, subjugation and humiliation...but could not take it when she finds Vikram in a dying state and wants to give him water to drink for the last time. But her husband prohibits her from doing so. When she refuses, Mandal even shoots her to prevent her. Death could not do them apart, rather reunite the lovers in the desolate desert.

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