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  • Nikhat Kazmi


    Nikhat Kazmi | Times of India

    X-men fans have often wondered why Wolverine, their favourite mutant is such a brooding, unsmiling character, sporting an almost natural revulsion for the lighter side of life. And love. In all his earlier three outings as Logan/Wolverine, the man with the metal claws, Hugh Jackman, has perfected the role of the angst-ridden savior who prefers to doggedly follow his mission
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  • Rajeev Masand


    Rajeev Masand | bollywoodhungama.com

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a pretty enjoyable action film. It's what you could safely call big, dumb entertainment - and I mean that in the best possible way. A prequel to the enormously successful X-Men trilogy, this film focuses on Wolverine, the wild-haired savage with superhuman self-healing abilities, a nasty set of retractable claws and a murky past.
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  • A. O. Scott (NYTNS)


    A. O. Scott (NYTNS) | The Telegraph

    In the crowded pantheon of comic-book-derived movie-franchise superheroes, Wolverine, as embodied by the muscular Australian song-and-dance man Hugh Jackman, always seemed kind of special. A grouchy, sensitive loner with retractable metal claws and apparently unretractable facial hair, Wolverine brooded and growled through the first three X-Men pictures
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  • Johnson Thomas


    Johnson Thomas | DNA India

    Wolverine is a back story that fills up the cinematic gaps left unexplained in the previous 'X-Men' films based on the popular marvel comics band of mutants. Unfortunately it's not half as exciting or entertaining as the earlier ones. David Benioff and Skip Woods' script tries to show us reasoning for the moniker 'Wolverine', his loss of memory and gain of adamantum claws but it all appears flimsy.
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  • movielover4


    Timepass Movie

    movielover4, 5 years ago
    This is one time watch. You can watch this movie to pass your time.
  • prakashreddy9


    Timepass Movie

    prakashreddy9, 5 years ago
    This is one time watch. You can watch this movie to pass your time.
  • devenpatel


    Timepass Movie

    devenpatel, 5 years ago
    This is one time watch. You can watch this movie to pass your time.

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