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Anita is a 1967 Indian Bollywood musical, crime, suspense, thrille, social film released on Jan 01, 1967. The film is directed by Raj Khosla, produced by Raj Khosla under banner named Raj Khosla Films.

As in lot of Hindi movies of same era, wealthy Anita and poor Neeraj fall in love with each other after a misadventure. However, her father rejects Neeraj, When Anita introduces Neeraj to him and asks Anita to instead marry Anil Sharma, a wealthy young man. Anita subsequently marries Anil and refuses to meet Neeraj, when Neeraj attempts to contact her. A completely shattered and heartbroken Neeraj moves to another town. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes the Sharmas, and Anita is killed in an accident. When Neeraj learns about her death, he is shocked. One day he is told that a woman resembling Anita is a dancer in a posh hotel. Neeraj goes to meet her, but she refuses to recognize him. Then Neeraj meets with another woman, also resembling Anita, this one being saffron-clad and living the life of a holy celibate in a distant ashram. She too refuses to recognize Neeraj. Bewildered and intrigued by these turn of events, Neeraj decides to probe deeper, not realizing that he is being drawn into a labyrinth of lies and deception, which can only lead to his demise.

It was only the other day that Neeraj proposed to her and she asked him to wait, so that she could get her fathers consent. Next day she herslef rushed to hm and took him to the Marriage Registrar. But just when she was to sign on the marriage licence, she submitted to her fathers will and walked away. Since then Neeraj had been eager to meet her, but was denied the privilege of meeting her. . In desperation he left for Delhi, only to receive her letter summoning him to Bombay. And back in Bombay, he was confronted with the news that she had committed suicide. . What drove her to suicide? Neeraj was keen to find out. And the more he tried to unravel the mystery, the more baffling it became. First he learnt that she committed sucide because of Shame as she was likely to become an unwed mother. Then, form the youth who was betrohted to her he learnt that she was not a normal person and that she had a split personality. Perhaps, she was a Gypsy in her previous birth! An unusual painter who specialised in modern art had met Anita as an awara girl and gave a lurid account of her behaviour in a luxury liner on way to Hong Kong. And then Neeraj hadthe beggest surprise of his life when he had glimpse of Anita. When he followed her, she disappea- red in a mysterious bungalo which on investigation by Detectives was found infested with ghosts! . The more Neeraj tried to forget her the more he was haunted by Anita The mystery became more and moer baffling and to find its soution you must see for youself on the screen the story of the girl who was mystery and the mystery of a girl who was mystery and the mystery of a girl who was Anita, Created by the Mater of susense Raj Khosla. Check out this page for more updates on Anita.

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I. S. Johar

I. S. Johar

Pramanand Marayan




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  • jeevan789


    Cool Movie

    jeevan789, 9 years ago
    This is nice movie. I liked it.

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